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History of the First Baptist Church of Holt

On Saturday, February 16, 1884, thirty-one Baptist men and women met at the Methodist Church of Holt, Missouri for the purpose of organizing a local Baptist Church. A council of ministers and laymen petitioned for the establishment of the proposed sister church and were presented letters from the thirty-one intended charter members. The Council formally recognized this group as a duly organized Baptist Church....

Such was the beginning of the First Baptist Church of Holt.

First 50 Year High Lights

1884  	Church organized
1886 	Members granted use of the building to the Christian Union 
        Church for $20.00/year when not in use by the Baptists.
1887 	Preaching services held twice each month
1891 	Pastor's salary set at $125/year.
1893 	Weekly prayer meeting became part of the church service
1903 	Funds were solicited for a street lamp outside the church.
1906 	Minutes call for "Extending of thanks to those who took part in saving the 
        building from burning".
1908 	Baptist Young People's Union was organized. Ladies Aid Society was thanked 
        for pulpit chairs.
1909 	Pastor instructed not to come preach in February because of smallpox in Liberty.
        "Graveloid" walks replaced wooden walks along church property.
1914 	Pulpit platform constructed - Ladies Aid Society furnished lumber - men did work
1916 	Committee appointed to "investigate and find out how much it would cost to raise 
        building and dig a basement and put in a furnace and baptistery".
1917 	Committee was to figure cost of constructing a 60'x30' wooden structure 
        complete with furnace and baptistery.
1920 	Building was wired for electricity
1921 	Woman's Missionary Society was organized. 
1922 	TEL Sunday School class was organized 
1923 	Plans were finalized for a basement addition and building was raised,
1924 	Basement addition completed ans was rented to the Klu Klux Klan for $48.00 per year.
1931 	Roy parsons and Floyd Downing were ordained as deacons

Second 50 High Lights

1935  	50-50 Sunday School class organized.
1936 	Evlyn Gow, Walter Munkirs, and James Anderson ordained as deacons.
1939 	"Homecoming Day" observed August 13. 
        L. W. Bartee, J. R. Walters, W. W. Perren and J. B. Fugitt were 
        ordained as deacons.
        Pastor was engaged for full time church ministry.
1941 	First Daily Vacation Bible School. 
        "Homecoming Day" observed August 11 - with 173 in Sunday School and 300 attending 
        the basket dinner.
1942 	Silk flag holding stars in the shape of a cross represented each serviceman 
        of the community. 
        TEL class presented picture of Jesus to the church. 
1947 	House and lot purchased for $1000 for use as a parsonage.
1951 	Parsonage debt paid in full.
1952 	New pews purchased for auditorium at cost of $1,219.47. 
1953 	Carpet for pulpit platform and aisle runners installed.
1955 	Ordination service held for pastor, Quenten Boyd. 
        Men's Brotherhood organized. 
        Committee appointed to draw up church constitution.
1956 	"Homecoming Day" observed September 8.
1958 	Plans for 30'x60' basement addition at the back of the building were adopted. 
        Ground breaking ceremony held May 22. 
        Sunday School was departmentalized. 
        Dorcas Class was organized.
1959 	TEL Class has door-hood installed at front door. 
        Golden Circle class organized.
1960 	Natural gas lines installed in church property. 
        Hosted quarterly meeting of Associational WMU.
1963 	Organ was purchased for Auditorium. 
        Water lines were installed in church building. 
        John Duncan, Dwain Perren , and David Faulkner were ordained as deacons.
1965 	Accepted building site located in Shugart Acres from Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Shugart 
        for new parsonage. Church voted to build parsonage at cost of $12,493. 
        "Homecoming Day" observed in August.
1967 	Church was recipient of 31 shares of Goppert Foundation stock. 
        Auditorium paneled and ceiling lowered. 
        Walter Sellers, Jr. Boyles, Clifford Becker, and David Assel 
        were ordained as deacons.
1968 	Grant was received from Harry Arnote Foundation.
1969 	Bond program voted to finance Educational Building to be constructed on 
        basement foundation of 1958. 
        Baptistery under platform was replaced by fiberglass self-contained unit behind 
        new choir loft. 
        Auditorium was carpeted and air-conditioned. 
        Purchased lot north of building to provide more parking space. 
        85th anniversary celebrated.
1970 	Dedication services for new Educational Building. 
        TEL class saw the need for a spire atop the church and with their faithful 
        determination and the able help of the men, the spire was added. 
1971 	Bus ministry started (Golden Circle class provided bus). 
        Russell Hyatt and David Faulkner were ordained as deacons.
1972 	Constitution brought before church for approval. 
        Property adjoining church on the south purchased. 
1973 	Second bus purchased. 
        Robert Brennen called as Associate Pastor and Youth Director.
1974 	Ten messengers attended Southern Baptist Convention in KC.  
        Additional property north of the church was purchased.
1975 	Amendment to Covenant added to Constitution. 
        Paul Baumen, Marvin Broadstone, Carl Reynolds, David Stevens, 
        and Lambert Geerlings were ordained as deacons. 
        Eddie Robertson was ordained into the ministry.
1977 	New kitchen cabinets were built.
1978 	New pews, communion table, pulpit, and Gothic style windows changed the auditorium.
        Hubert Bruiel was ordained as deacon.
1980 	Central air-conditioning installed at parsonage. 
        Public address system acquired for auditorium. 
        James Baker and Don Setzer were ordained as deacons.
1981 	Installed new doors at the front of the building. 
        Greg Greason was ordained as deacon.
1984 	Centennial

Third Fifty High Lights


2009    125 Year Celebration

2011    Pastor Don Wright dies 12/23/2011

2012    Bro Eric Martin Assumes Interim Pastor-ship in April.
        Pastor Danny McCubbin Becomes our new pastor 12/23/2012


Pastor List

Pastor's Name From Through
M. P. Hunt 1884 1886
C.A. Buchanan 1886 1888
H. C. Barton 1888 1888
J. L. Carmichael 1888 1890
A. T. Jones 1891 1891
James Standiford 1891 1897
W. T. Russel 1897 1899
G. C. Kennedy 1899 1902
T. H. Dalney 1903 1903
M. G. Bibb 1904 1904
T. J. Wilbanks 1905 1906
C. B. Miller 1907 1908
J. D. Chappelle 1908 1908
Rev. Guthrie 1909 1909
Sam Barstow 1909 1912
T. M. Estes 1912 1912
Ward H. Edwards 1913 1922
J. H. McAfee 1922 1925
Dr. Fred Pearson 1925 1928
A. S. Day 1928 1930
Dr. U. R. Pugh 1930 1931
Ray Hamilton 1931 1932
A. C. Rudloff 1932 1933
J. Clark Hensley 1933 1935
Curtis Hutcherson 1935 1944
Dayton P. Muxlow 1945 1947
Russell C. Kraft 1947 1950
Raymond Coldren 1950 1954
Quenton Boyd 1954 1957
David Owne 1957 1959
R. Elton Johnson, Jr. 1959 1961
J. E. Jackson 1962 1970
Kenneth Bevel 1970 1971
Claude Stevens 1972 1973
Jim Malone 1973 1974
Sam Qualls 1974 1978
Martin Barker 1979 1980
Lee Borders 1980 1984
Daryl Walker 1984 1988
Mike Von Moss 1988 1991
Don Wright 1992 2011
Eric Martin - interim 2012 2012
Danny McCubbin 2012 Current
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